The Definitive Guide to the CBCA Awards

Simplify your purchasing decisions and help readers find books they'll love


The Book Curator’s Guide to the CBCA Book of the Year Awards offers detailed reviews of the books in every category of the Awards (Notable Books and Shortlist), including the Eve Pownall Award and CBCA Award for New Illustrator (formerly the Crichton Award).

Use it to streamline your purchasing decisions, identify the best titles to use in class and as an ongoing resource for matching readers with books they’ll love.

Order now for just $29.95 per set and your comprehensive CBCA Awards 2-volume guide will be shipped out the next business day. You’ll also get complimentary access to the online version (schools only).   

This is the only guide of its kind, designed  to meet the needs of Australian librarians and their teams.

Order your copy via the order form below, or become a member of The Book Curator and receive complimentary access to the online version. For more information on membership, click here. 

To order any titles from the CBCA Book of the Year Awards at 17.5% off RRP, download a book order form here.

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