A Piglet Called Truffle

A Piglet Called Truffle

Publication Date: 3 Jan 2017

ISBN 9780857637734

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Jasmine's dad is a farmer, and her mum is a large-animal vet, so Jasmine spends a lot of time caring for animals and keeping them out of trouble. Unfortunately, this often means she gets into hot water herself.....In this first in the series, Jasmine rescues a tiny piglet from certain death. But Jasmine's parents dont believe in farm animals being pets and insist that Truffle must be sold as soon as hes big enough. So Jasmine begins a campaign to keep him - one that doesnt seem to be going very well as Truffle gets older and ever-closer to market... In the end, it takes two lost guinea pigs and one cold, frosty, nighttime adventure to save Truffle's bacon...