McTavish Takes the Biscuit: McTavish # 3

Publication Date: 1 Jul 2019

ISBN 9781781128640

Format: Paperback

12.99 12.99 AUD


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The Peachey family have become quite the cooks since McTavish joined the family. They take it in turns to make every meal and Betty is brilliant at baking fresh bread! But when Pa Peachey decides its his turn in the kitchen chaos quickly ensues, with only baking disasters making it to the dinner table. Unfortunately, Pa's got even grander ideas and he's sure he's going to win the local Bake Off with his next creation ... a towering gingerbread sculpture of The Palace of Versailles! Looks like it's time for McTavish to save the day - again. A glorious return to McTavish's world, brimming with Meg's iconic and sharply written prose, and a fantastic cast of comic characters. The perfect heart-warming middle-grade series for dog and book lovers alike.