Communicators Pocketbook

Communicators Pocketbook

ISBN 9781906610180

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Being an effective communicator is hard work, but it is the single most important part of a manager's role. Many of us think we're good at it - it's all those people who don't listen that are the problem! (But do we listen either?)

There is no perfect communication 'recipe', but there are certainly things that we can do to increase the chances of our message being well received and reciprocated. This book contains everything you will need to consider to develop your skills and put best practice communication into action.

The Communicator's Pocketbook covers:
- the assumptions that we make
- communication dynamics
- the manager as communicator
- barriers to effectiveness
- managing communication channels
- you as communicator

The book concludes with a series of checklists that will enable you to take stock of your communication skills and shortcomings and put these into context at both an organisational level and a group or team level.