CRM Pocketbook: 2nd Edition

CRM Pocketbook: 2nd Edition

ISBN 9781906610623

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An effective customer relationship management (CRM) strategy can deliver outstanding improvements in profitability, revenue growth and business sustainability.

The CRM Pocketbook is a pocketful of tips for those involved in setting corporate strategy and acquiring, developing, valuing and managing customers effectively. It explains what CRM is and why even more organisations are embracing it, as well as examining the subject on strategic and practical levels.

The main sections concentrate on how to plan and implement a CRM program, including a five-step process for strategy, and a checklist of critical success factors for review upon implementation. An example project method rounds out the book as a guide for your own CRM efforts.

The contribution to be made by each of organisational departments is covered, with particular emphasis on marketing and IT services as main points of consumer contact.